December 3, 2008

Gold Time: Crossroads 4

Collect $10,000 and 5 sugar in 4:00.
  1. Send your plane off to get sugar. (Feel free to sell it back once it's arrived, you only need it for the level goals.)
  2. Buy 4 pigs. Make ham into steaks.
  3. Upgrade your warehouse once, so you've got room for all the meat.
  4. Keep selling steak.
  5. When you've got over $8000, send the pigs to market to bring your total over $10,000 to win the level.
My Best Time: 3:51


  1. I got a better time by buying 4 pigs at first and then a second as soon as possible (3:23 was my time). Otherwise, I did the same as the Frenzied Farmer.